Overflowing ― What Has Been, What's to Come

I want to sincerely welcome you to the yet again new–and–improved website + journal! I want to begin by saying thank you, as I always do, because you’ve stuck with me through my writing journey and have seen me grow in unimaginable ways. Even if you haven’t been following along with me for very long, I’m so grateful that you’re here and that you’ve allowed my words to have an impact on you ― I think that’s one aspect to life I’ll never fully comprehend.

My heart has been overflowing recently ― so much love, support, and endless kind words have been poured out onto me, and I can honestly say that I am now overflowing. Overflowing with inspiration, ideas, and aching for new things to give to you in return. I promise to reveal all of those things to you very soon, but for now, I have to write about it.

This past spring + summer has been a hurricane–like season inside of me, really. The ache to bring more to the table sat inside of me for months, I had new ideas but they felt so unoriginal, and I nearly got pushed right out of the way as a writer; the enemy was right at my doorstep. There were far too many things that could’ve made me throw my hands up and give up, and the feelings were right there with it, but I knew I couldn’t. I knew I couldn’t be counted out of the picture. Those feelings sunk deep inside of me, but they couldn’t shake my foundation. And so, my writing continues, and it’s also because of how loving and strong my community is. That’s what matters at the end of the day. You matter so much that you make an impact on me and my journey.

That brings me here! I decided to take those bumps in the road and start with a new approach ― a new feel, business + professional aspects to everything, and the development of my brand. (HINT!) It’s paved the way for my new ideas to come full–force, and I couldn’t be more excited for my writing to take off in new ways!

Thank you, forever. Thank you for being here and for being you. You are my stars in my sky, that light a kind of darkness that really isn’t even darkness at all ― it would simply be the absence of you. That’s why we need you here, and you following alongside me in my wild and messy journey is so deeply cherished.

Go in love my friends, and I’ll be writing again soon xx


Shelby Leinbach