Finally Showing Up — and Moving On

I know this is a little off-beat from what I usually post and write, but I feel that after I write this and get it out of me, it won’t be such a rare thing. In short, I’ve had a pretty significant revelation today that I honestly never saw coming…yet I did in a sense, at the same time.

There’s an important piece of knowledge that Holy Spirit has revealed to me today that has finally become the break in a cycle that I’ve found myself in. I remember a month back feeling like I was still stuck; still coming up against walls that lead to nothing, because that’s usually where a lot of striving gets you. I knew I wanted to take my passion for all things writing and creativity further, but something still felt off. Everything I tried to make happen would come to a screeching halt…but I knew there was a catch. The catch is this: I simply wasn’t writing more. I knew I wanted to make more out of it, but that wasn’t happening because I wasn’t focusing on actually writing more.

What it came down to was fear. Fear of not allowing my writing to be enough. Fearing that if I kept on doing the same things over and over, I’d never move on or move forward. The fact is that those were just lies I fed that ultimately led me to the walls I ran into. My spirit knew the whole time what was off — I just didn’t realize that what I would continue to produce, it would grow and become even better over time.

The honest truth is this — I wasn’t showing up. I would write, usually something that came to me either from Holy Spirit or myself, but every day I knew I wasn’t simply sitting down to intentionally write as I should be, if I want to keep moving forward. Writing is and always will be my daily practice, but from here on out, I am making a promise to myself to sit, write, and not think so much about it. The less I try and the less I stress about what I should be doing and where I should be at, the more I will allow my words to flow out of me naturally.

This is for you — if you feel like you’ve been stuck for so long and you can’t break the cycle. This is for the one who has a passion for what hasn’t been made physical yet. We are meant to take the small things He calls us to do every day and act on them — and let them take us further.

I haven’t written like this in so, so long. I’m so done with the mindset that I need to be more and I need to be elsewhere. This is the truth: I need to be right here, right now. Speaking the thoughts that come to me naturally as Holy Spirit guides me. I truly believe that this is how I will finally be able to move forward into a new season.

I promise, after all of the striving and shaking hands with the lies that introduce themselves as blinding truths, you will move forward. We simply cannot function without His Spirit moving in us and through us. I promise you will finally be okay, you will do what you are called to do, and you will change your world and the world.

Here’s to simply showing up and doing what we do best — so we can prosper and create our story.

His love & mine,

— Shelby

Shelby Leinbach