frequently asked questions

do you ship internationally?

Yes I do! Unless otherwise stated, I’ve shipped to Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Are you religious?

I am a Christian! I have been since I was eight years old. It wasn’t until I turned 16 that I started making my faith my own, and when I began writing seriously in 2016, it brought me to a newer and deeper relationship with God.

Are you taking any collaborations?

It never hurts to ask! Feel free to ask me anytime if you’d like to collaborate with me on anything, and if I have the availability to, we can make that happen! Working with others in the past has proven to be an amazing opportunity for me as I grow as a writer.


Is all of your work original?

All of my writings are original, as well as prints and photos taken. I try to keep everything I create original to add value and authenticity!

how do you edit your photos?

Primarily I use VSCO (A6 filter) and a lot of other editing apps to add my own look and feel to them. For some photos I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, both for iPhone.