from sky to sea

A book of poetry + light writings.

A hope to be carried, peace in the physical. Illustrated by Lauren Hurst.



From Sky to Sea is the first book I’ve ever written, and with honesty I can say it was the most humbling and difficult process I’ve been through. There were times I wanted to give up, I felt it wasn’t necessary, and the learning process was a lot harder than imagined. Self-publishing is no joke, friends!! Nonetheless, it’s here. It exists. A portion of my heart on fresh white pages is something close to a miracle, and it’s giving off a light brighter than I ever thought it would.

Overflowing with the simplest of truths and revelations my heart gained in the past year or so, it reflects the heart of the God who inspired it through me. He gently showed me how to recover from harmful, insecure patterns of thinking, and as He does so beautifully, continues to pull me from deep waters after I’ve gone out just a little too far. This book will forever represent that.

So take it, take time to be with it, and don’t worry if a few tears wrinkle some of the pages. It was meant for that. Always know that the God who reaches down for me daily is the same God who can do the same for you, too.

my love + His,



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