Prayer Wall

I wanted to do something a little different, something that would keep you empowered and feeling more confident in the new year; it seems as if it's been a rocky start for most. In an Instagram story this past week, I asked for prayer requests and would add them to a post so others could come and pray for them as they stop by. And they've really hit home for me.

I thought that by starting this new year with prayer over the things to come, our footsteps would feel a little less wavering and a lot more stable.

These are the prayers of this community here – feel free to consider them in your quiet times and you're more than welcome to add a prayer to the wall.

Let's start this new year off strong, in love, and in hope.


“Pray for my mental health and that I could get through this rough patch in my life.” –Zoe

“That I focus less on my problems and more on Him.” –Kimberly

“My prayer for this new year is that I stop saying ‘what if’ and start saying ‘even if’ – even if all else fails God does not. Even if I fall down with every step, God will catch me. I just need to let him. I need to let God love me. To realize that I deserve to be loved. And I pray that when I make these next major decisions for my life that I don’t make them in vain. That I go in the direction that God has laid out for me and somehow, some way, I can finally find the joy in my life.” –Emma

“Lately it’s been super hard for me to stick to doing my devotions. I’m just asking for prayers for my strength and willingness to make time in my day to do them.” –Anonymous

“Pray for finding my purpose and for world peace.” –Anisha

“My prayer is that I can tell my friends about God and His love for them.” –Anonymous

“Pray for my mental health.” –Anonymous

“Please pray that I will be able to go to Hillsong College this July. Getting the finances for this opportunity is the biggest challenge and is giving me fear and encouraging doubt. But I know God is faithful! Pray that myself and my friends will not be anxious but God will increase our faith.” –Anela

“For my women’s Bible study, strength in Jesus to fight depression, anxiety, and sin day in and day out.” –Julie

“I am really struggling with temptations and resisting the devil.” –Anonymous

“For my parents, and for my relationship with Jesus that it grows deeper! And for my little sis that she grows in her walk with Jesus! Also, just for some of my stressful school projects that I can finish them…and stressful moments in general. Lastly, for my future husband and our relationship…that we can show through our love that Jesus loves everyone!” –Lexi

“Trust, clarity, and greater love.” –Anonymous

“A deeper faith with God, at times I doubt. I do pray about it as I don’t want to ever question God.” –Tasheika

“I could just use some prayer. Not really a lot to complain about, but my heart has been heavy and I’ve found it really hard to find joy in my days. Still dealing with grief but maybe it’s also the weather that’s weighing me down, or school and work pressure. I guess I could use prayer for wisdom, even in small everyday decisions, in my relationships, and that I would trust God with my anxious heart and thoughts. This year I really want to practice being still, but I’ve found it really hard so far.” –Selina

"My close friend committed suicide and I'm really hurting." –Courtney

Why I Started Writing Poetry

Only one year ago, things here on the blog and who I was then were completely different. Maybe you started the journey with me. You saw how my writing began – honest, raw, yet straight from the messy parts of my soul. A lot spilled out from those writings, and so many have been blessed by that. Honestly, that's where my purpose lies. Others found comfort in me figuring things out.

Maybe you're new to my journey. That's okay – I've just grown so much!

But now, here I am, with a little bit of a different writing style, yet complimented by the same honest thoughts I still need to translate to paper and then to screen daily. Either way, I'm doing what every writer does: grow. I'm remembering how I am the mere clay in my Potter's hands.

Poetry has enveloped my mind recently. As in the last 3 or 4 months. So, I let the words out.

It's not that I've necessarily felt led to write in poetry form, or that I've been massively inspired by poetry; what it represents to me is a sudden peace that has overcome me after a tough season of finding my true worth. The words just started coming out differently. Contentment grew like wildflowers in the deepest parts of me. A newness took over, and revelations started coming to me constantly, even when I was trying to fall asleep (I had to keep a notebook and pen right beside my bed)! The overflow of my heart was spelling a new story out, word by word.

The meaning is significant. Growth happened, and serious spiritual maturity happened as a result of following God's call on my life to nearly drop everything and write. Never once did it occur to me that I was going to start writing poetry...let alone begin writing my first book ever, a collection of this year's poetry and writings.

I want you to have this incredible takeaway: even at your lowest, God sees you. He sees where you're called to be and gives you the chance to answer. The weights of the world will be your weights to carry until you set them down so He can pick them up. He holds every solution, every answer, every ounce of joy that you have access to. We all have the chance to drop everything and run straight to Him down that overgrown, underrated path. Things will start to grow so rapidly in your soul that nothing else can choke them out.

I'm so in love with this new season of life, and I welcome you back with open arms to my journey in words.

Where do I begin?

Yes, it's true – I'm back and posting on the blog again! I want to welcome you to the new–and–improved site with newness and potential beaming from it. I can't even put into words how excited I am for the things to come...and how much I've grown! Exactly a year ago this month, I started a blog to write on to outlet the constant fear, anxiety, and insecurity ruling in my life. I set out as a weary sojourner hoping to find what was calling out to me from my heart, and that's exactly what God blessed me with. Often, being faithful to Him doesn't always mean default confidence. It means doing something afraid – and what I've become since then is a direct result of following the calling He's placed deep inside of me.

So now what? Well, you already know you can expect more writings from me, a soon–to–be published poetry book, and many more things to come that I never even knew I could dream up or make possible. I want to lightly discuss encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting subject that swim around in my mind here on the blog, while maintaining the safe haven I've created on my Instagram page for all to find hope and comfort.

I will never stop thanking you for being here, for supporting me (some since day one!), and most importantly, being the best you that God created to thrive and bring a light that only you can.

With all my love (and with Jesus' love),